In addition to Mr. Rajiv Uttamchandani’s extensive talents as a scientist and entrepreneur, he also is an exceptional speaker.

Mr. Uttamchandani is in constant demand as a keynote and motivational speaker, frequently traveling the globe addressing private, educational, and government venues.

As a Keynote Speaker Mr. Uttamchandani helps corporations become agents of change in the world through the concept of “Leadership through Service”. Mr. Uttamchandani has inspired audiences across the world and each live event blends original research with compelling stories that move participants to find their own way to improve and make a difference in their respective corporations, their own lives, and for the world at large.

The Cosmic Connection:

Understanding Your Place in the Universe

What does it mean to be human? Where do we come from? What is our place in this Universe? May we use science as a tool to establish global tolerance towards differences fundamentally innate to human beings? This talk intimately weaves our best and most current scientific understanding of the Universe with the fundamental truth that is universal human rights. Motivating, empowering, and captivating, this talk provides tangible tools to the audience to think of themselves as one species, as citizens of a common world, as leaders responsible for the welfare and collective good of their civilization.

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The Logline of Life:

Excellence Through Purpose & Responsibility

As members of the human species we are capable of fantastic physical and intellectual feats. Yet, how many of us truly reach the level of greatness? More than ever, we are in need of leaders, of persons who excel from the norm, and who in turn not only achieve a lifestyle and level of financial success, but who also become leaders for their communities. How do we achieve the discipline, mindset, and determination so necessary to achieve this success? What tools are available for us to use to become the best version of ourselves we may possibly be? This talk discusses the necessity of understanding the purpose of one's existence, and the responsibility we have for the collective good of the human species.

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Leadership Through Service:

Transforming Your Company’s Social Relevance

All determined and motivated individuals, corporates, and organizations seek to become influential leaders. We all commonly seek success, financial comfort, and global relevance. But how may we truly, and effectively, achieve our goals? How may corporates achieve global success, a loyal consumer following, and secure positive working relationships with employees? Emphasizing on leadership through service, this talk provides corporates at all levels with a strategic mindset to enhance their social profile and positive publicity through developing programs which benefit their local environment and contribute strongly to community service.

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