Rajiv's Accomplishments

A man of many distinct talents, Rajiv has managed to secure significant accomplishments in his career. As an astrophysicist he's contributed to research in solar astronomy and the mechanisms involving the formation of sunspot's due to magnetic fields on the Sun's photosphere. As a physicists he is a published researcher on nanotechnology, providing new insight on alternate materials for dielectrics within modern transistors. As an educator Rajiv has taught subjects such as Quantum Mechanics, Classical Physics, Electromagnetic Theory, Astronomy, and the Optics of Lenses & Cameras. As an administrator Rajiv has created some of the most unique programs in STEAM (Science Technology Engineering Arts & Mathematics) Education Initiatives, promoting the benefits of the natural sciences amongst students in the visual and performing arts while capturing the positive impact of creativity to scientists and engineers.

Most recently, Rajiv has channelized his characteristic ambition and his unique creativity towards addressing the world's most urgent human rights, and especially women's rights crises. He Founded the International STEM Society for Human Rights (ISSHR), the first organization of it's kind explicitly applying modern science and technology to abolish crimes such as human trafficking, child marriage, and violence against women overall. Through ISSHR Rajiv has invented and released a unique smartphone application, H.E.R. Rescue, which provides users with a convenient ability to call for help in emergency situations, sharing live audio and video recordings, and current GPS coordinates with local law enforcement agencies and emergency contacts. The app has been released to high acclaim in the UP state in India, and now ISSHR seeks to launch the app in the United States and the Philippines.

Rajiv Founded the H.E.R. (Humanity Education & Rights) Conference, another first of its kind event uniting experts in the field with youth and members of the general populace, inspiring a new generation of human rights activists. He Founded the H.E.R. Clubs, once again a first of its kind organization focusing on creating organizations within schools which focus on mobilizing school and college students to become active members of the global human rights cause.

Rajiv travels the world, giving talks to corporates on the benefits of social service to develop a positive public and brand image. He stresses on community service amongst corporates which help cultivate a strong and loyal following amongst consumers. Perhaps most invaluably, Rajiv meets with survivors of human trafficking worldwide, and shares with them his knowledge and expertise in Astronomy, showing the latest and most awe inspiring photographs and videos of our Universe which provide a sense of hope, of inspiration, to survivors of the most horrible crimes of humanity.