About Rajiv Uttamchandani

Rajiv Uttamchandani is an astrophysicist, human rights activist, social entrepreneur, educator, and motivational speaker. He is the Founder & Chairman | Executive Director of several organizations - the International STEM Society for Human Rights, the H.E.R. Conferences, the International H.E.R. Clubs, and the H.E.R. Journal - which offer a multifaceted approach to addressing important human rights and related social issues across the globe.

Rajiv at H.E.R conference.

Mr. Uttamchandani oversees a large team of individuals across his multiple businesses, which currently span operations in the United States and India. He is actively involved with governments, providing guidance and advice on implementing programs and laws to help better protect women and children in their respective communities. He has conceptualized and leads the development of novel applications and new technologies which arm our society with tools to one day abolish violent crimes against humanity. Mr. Uttamchandani also works with businesses to enhance their social relevance by formulating and executing projects which address social issues uniquely through their particular mission and vision. Furthermore, he works closely with schools, infusing human rights and social entrepreneurship into their respective curricula, and motivating their students to become our next generation of leaders and social entrepreneurs.

Rajiv at San Diego Assembly.

Mr. Uttamchandani regularly travels across continents and countries, giving talks at public and private venues, stressing on the necessity of gender equality, women empowerment, and promoting human rights and social entrepreneurship as a career choice. He tirelessly works with boys and men, aiming to change their traditional attitudes towards women and girls through raising awareness of the widespread epidemic of violence against women and children around the world. He emphasizes on the importance of mobilizing both citizen scientists and social entrepreneurs, and in developing a scientific perspective for our civilization to fully appreciate the universality of rights of life and our place in the cosmos.

Rajiv at a barangay in Manila.

Mr. Uttamchandani further interacts with survivors of human trafficking, sharing his knowledge as an astrophysicist, showing the grandeur and wonder that is the Universe outside of Planet Earth. He hopes that understanding the universe around us will provide a source of healing and perspective, even to individuals who have experienced the worst forms of crimes and torture. Through a plethora of initiatives and programs, Mr. Uttamchandani is determined to pave the way for humanity to one day evolve into a civilization whereby not one single individual suffers the violation of their rights as human beings.

Mr. Uttamchandani is Indian by nationality and was born and initially raised in Ormoc City, Philippines. He spent most of his young adulthood in Hong Kong, China. He currently resides in Los Angeles and has obtained his B.S.and M.S. degrees in Astrophysics and Physics, respectively, from California State University, Northridge. Learn More About Rajiv's Accomplishments